Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Crack

This has been one of my favourite (and most popular) Christmas recipes since I saw this post by Bakerella three years ago.


I'm a bit of a Christmas Crack purest (and I wasn't sure I had the right equivalent ingredients the first time) so these are the only things I usually use. Plus some baking paper.



White Chcolate Melts
Anything else you like - cereal, nuts, marshmallows, gummy bears (tried this once, it had a mixed reception)


Cover your bench in baking paper. Chuck the pretzels in a large bowl. Liquify 1/2 to 3/4 of the Melts in the microwave. They melt quick so 10-20 seconds at a time, mixing in between is usually enough. I made these on a crazy hot day on the weekend so they only needed 25 seconds all up, the Melts were already melting in the bag!

Mix the liquified Melts in with the pretzels and throw in a handful or two of M&Ms. I usually use normal ones but I tried mini ones this time and I'm converted. The candy shells are a lot thinner so they're easier to chew and the smaller chocolate doesn't overpower the pretzels if too many end up in a cluster. Spread the mix out on the baking paper, wait for it to dry, pop them in a bowl and you're done.


Usually they dry in a few minutes but because it was so hot they took ages and I ran out of light to take pictures of them in a bowl.


They still look good though. Yum!


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