Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weeks 11-15 - Catching Up

We moved house about a month ago and it took a couple of weeks to get the internet back and another couple of weeks to catch up on all those funny cat photos I missed so here's 5 weeks of photos in one blog. None of the photos have lengthy stories, most were quick shots taken during busy (and boring) weeks.

Week 11 - I wish the flower was more in focus but I love the yellow edged leaves and the bokeh.

Week 12 - Yep, it's another bunny photo. This time he's being photobombed by Pusheen.

Week 13 - It's a dusty bear head vase. Because, you know, bears. And art. It's a thing.

Week 14 - New shoes. They have bunnies and squirrels and birdies on them. I loves dem.

Week 15 - And my life is so boring that I have to keep writing about shit that I buy. This is a tote bag from Society6. The artwork is by Cindy Thornton who is awesome.


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