Saturday, March 30, 2013


I finally figured out this whole Kickstarter thing late last year and have backed 10(!) successful projects so far with pledges on a number that are still running. So here's my five favourite Kickstarter projects running right now:

5. Find a Film Movie Poster - A poster that helps you decide what movie to watch. I love this idea and the execution, I'm just not sure where I would put it.

4. Stripped - A documentary on comics including interviews with some of my favourite cartoonists. I haven't committed to backing this one yet, mostly because I can't decide which level! Probably the $20 (digital download) level.

3. NeoDrop - A cool little magnetic display. Pledged at the $50 (no shipping!) level for one in each colour - one for my desk, one for someone else's :)

2. Luxi - An incident light meter adapter for iPhone. This little gadget helps the iPhone mimic a real light meter and any light meter app will tell you what settings to use on your camera to get a correct exposure. I'm backing at the $17 ($22 with shipping) level.

1. The Veronica Mars Movie Project - I love Veronica Mars and this is just such a cool project anyway. I'm backing at the $200 ($210 with shipping) level now that most of the rewards have finally opened up to international backers. I missed out on the premiere tickets levels :(


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