Sunday, June 9, 2013


My life in one word right now. After buying my first DSLR after watching Veronica Mars (seriously, and how awesome is it that they're making a movie!) and spending years taking photos of my polymer clay creations and Bailey and family gatherings, I'm now working as a photographer for Shop Fashion Avenue taking photos like this:

And this:

And turning this:                                                              Into this:    

And it's kind of awesome. And totally crazy. And completely terrifying. But I love it.

It's making life kind of nuts though. So I've decided to drop one of my 365 Projects. Some days I don't see Bailey and other days I take incredible photos of him and nothing else so I'm dropping Daily Bailey. Which doesn't mean there will be less photos of him, just fewer bad ones and maybe not one every day. He's still completely adorable and my favourite muse.


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